We are designers, engineers, writers, strategists and doers connected by a common goal, to do the right thing.


of Bros&Co leadership positions held by women

tonnes of CO2

avoided to date + over 1050 trees funded


languages and over 11 nationalities in our team
Our philosophy

We support design for good

We have a social and moral responsibility to make design a force for good. Designing with compassion, challenging assumptions and influencing behaviours for a more sustainable world. Innovation comes with change, and we interrupt the status quo, with minimal disruption and maximum impact.

We care as much as you do

This shows in everything we do and every interaction. We are feuled by a desire to make things better – for people, the planet and your product. And have the drive, determination and know-how to make this happen.

We’re insatiably curious

An endless fascination with the whys, hows, whos, wheres and whats may be dangerous for cats, but for us, it’s a pathway to understanding. We ask the right questions, drilling down to the nitty gritty and scaling up to the big picture to find hidden opportunities at every level.

We keep it real

Jargon smargon. Great design should simplify the complex, not make it more complicated with buzzwords and lingo. We speak your language, designing without ego to add value, not vanity.


We're a global consultancy

Who are we

What makes us, us?

A measure of mindfulness, a big dose of know-how and a sprinkle of fun.

human · connection


Relationships (and gravity) make the world go round. Every interaction, no matter how small, should be genuine, empathetic and respectful. We take time to listen and get to know you and your unique goals. Then tailor our approach accordingly.


Every voice deserves to be heard and we are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. This extends from our team outwards, ensuring a happy workforce, satisfied clients and inclusive designs.


In a nutshell, we believe in designing for the human experience within the wider context of our planet. Our goal is to create meaningful solutions that are not only highly effective to users, but also responsible and sustainable.

human · connection


Partnerships are built on trust, respect and shared values. We work closely with our clients and their partners as one cohesive team with a single mission: to deliver creative excellence in everything we do.


Things are better together. By joining forces with numerous design communities, we can create a more accessible and inclusive world for all.


Great design is the sum of many parts coming together in the right way at the right time. Our network spreads far and wide, connecting amazing experts from every design capability. So whatever your goal, we can help make it happen.

sustainable · innovation


This is essence of who we are and how we work. We want to use design to make a better world for generations to come, and we hope our values rub off on others.

Lasting legacy

Nothing lasts forever, but while we’re here it’s our mission to leave the design industry in a better condition than when we joined. This means raising the quality of design, taking more responsibility and pulling businesses up around us.


We help organisations meet net-zero by 2050 or sooner. Our game-changing Carbon Method™ allows businesses to calculate the carbon footprint of products from the outset. Ensuring practical steps are taken towards a more sustainable future.

sustainable · innovation

Thought leader

We don’t just talk about a better future; we invest in it. Building our own products that will benefit the world. Measuring ourselves by the change and impact we can bring and working with industry leaders and renowned universities to bring new ideas to life.


Bringing the right people and skills together at the right time and at the right cost is critical to success. We set the bar high, building teams that combine expertise with our Bros&Co values to unleash a powerhouse of sustainable creativity,

Future scoper

We are constantly looking ahead to what's next, anticipating and planning for the future needs of your business and users. By staying ahead of the curve and exploring new ideas, technologies and design solutions, we can help shape a better future for all.

product · transformation

Carbon Method™

Take control of your products’ carbon consumption with our game-changing Carbon Method™. This first-of-its-kind design tool lets you quantify the carbon impact of products, identify sustainable pain points and find out how to fix them.

Digital spine

Using reductive design principles, we can focus on the essentials. Enabling us to develop the fundamental components to build a digital-first product eco-system that can thrive for all users.

Design accelerators

Our design accelerators have been proven to increase digital maturity in multiple enterprise-size businesses. We can help establish design studios and enable your business to thrive without relying on third parties.

product · transformation

Culture change

Together we are stronger. We don’t work alone; we work with you and your teams to bring the best design and SME knowledge into the solution.

Digital transformation

We help organisations contextualise opportunities for true transformation. Moving away from the old to make room for new digital technologies that improve the effectiveness of your business, workforce and user experiences.

Ecological transformation

Every problem is an eco-problem. We transform businesses by combining an ethical, responsible and pragmatic approach to problem solving. Changing processes and behaviours that have a negative impact on our world.

design · evolution


Outstanding design has the potential to change the lives and behaviours of people for the better. We strive for world-class excellence, in every interaction, experience, strategy and outcome.


Balancing sustainability and business opportunities, we uncover market opportunities, unmet user needs and business solutions, which move the dial for your organisation.

Creative endurance

Not all design studios are the same. We are motivated to go the extra mile to bring the best solutions to your business. Overcoming obstacles to meet your goals, every time.

design · evolution


Together with design leaders, educators and universities we are bringing sustainable design education to creatives. Empowering them to make a positive impact on society and the planet.


The right knowledge makes all the difference. Grow and develop with our training programs that keep you and our teams up-to-date with the latest technologies, methodologies and design trends.


Changing the world starts with helping others. We work with charities that bring human kindness and support to the parts of the world that need it. We call this Seva – selfless service.

Our founders

The brothers

Combining 40+ years’ experience, Gurmit and Amardeep Singh Shakhon have led Bros&Co from a small but mighty startup to an award-winning product and design consultancy.

Hands-on, proactive and always smiling, they are a force of nature, directing a future of continual progress for businesses and the world. They’re also hard to tell apart, which is why everyone simply calls them ‘the bros’.

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