Helping a traditional broadcaster return the remote control to the user

How a multi-year digital transformation project reimagined the subscriber’s viewing experience for a digital age


Set-top installations year-on-year, with revenues up by 5%


Increase in operating profits, from task-related efficiency gains









Europe’s largest media and broadcast company and one of the largest worldwide, the client has annual revenues of over $15 billion, with over 35,000 employees and 23 million subscribers.

As with most traditional media and broadcasting organisations, the company grappled with a changing landscape in consumer preferences, brought on by the advent of streaming services. While broadcasting rights and quality content have been the traditional moats for companies in this business, it became increasingly clear that ‘how’ you deliver that content to a subscriber will be the moat in the digital age.

This is where we helped the company undertake a comprehensive digital transformation program that challenged everything to create the change, culture, and products and services, to deliver a multi-award-winning customer experience.


The company’s then digital platform was reaching EOL after a decade of deployment. While it was constantly improved over time, the incremental iterations hit a ceiling in every facet of their experience and technology. This made the company look for a next-generation replacement for the platform, instead of a mere upgrade.

However, this was easier said than done as the platform spanned the company’s entire product portfolio, from hardware to software. Moreover, the new platform had to account for future business, viewer, technology, and planetary paradigm changes in broadcasting and the evolution of connected and multi-screen technologies.


We were brought in to help the company navigate these new waters with confidence, by leveraging user research, product and industrial design, testing, and change management.

To ensure product/service development and user experience were in lockstep, we initiated a multi-stream approach that brought hardware and interface design on the same page - in terms of goals, delivery, and the overall experience. We also worked on a more device-agnostic content delivery experience, which looked beyond the traditional set-top box and towards more accessible forms such as web, tablet, and mobile devices.

As a final piece of the puzzle, we helped the company up-skill its workforce to sell and support the new platform to subscribers.

What we achieved

Our approach of ‘meeting the subscriber where they stood’ reaped immediate dividends for the company. Installations for new set-top boxes went up by 5% year-on-year. More impressively, the efficiencies resulting from the new platform helped increase operating profit by 22%.


Set-top installations year-on-year, with revenues up by 5%


Increase in operating profits, from task-related efficiency gains

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